District wide Rotary project - Personnel Protective shield assembly

Posted on Apr 03, 2020
Mike Shanahan assembling face shields for medical personnel
April 3, 2020 was the start of the district wide project - assembling face shields for our medical workers at the frontline of fighting the Corona Virus pandemic.
Our very own Mike Shanahan took to the challenge on this first day and volunteered his time with other Rotarians in District 5320. According to Shanahan:
"Each protective shield takes about 2-3 minutes to assemble but the work is easy to do. Everyone working on the project was wearing protective gear and we each had a work station several feet apart. The goal is to assemble 25,000 shields to deliver to the hospitals on Monday. Each of the 5 assembly centers in OC are hoping to build 5,000 face shields each."
If you are interested in participating or donating, please go to this site: https://www.givsum.com/opportunities/rotary-project-shield
Thank you to all of our healthcare workers for their courage and thank you to everyone who is doing their part in keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.
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Presentation - Love Yorba Linda

Cindy Scott came to present Love Yorba Linda, a movement that encourages the community of Yorba Linda to come together and make a difference.
In tandem with other Orange County cities, on April 20, 2020, Love Yorba Linda is kicking off an event that includes fence painting, tree planting, and shrub removal and replanting. There are other projects also being considered for the event as well as an expectation of 400-500 volunteers.
Bobby Batistic presented Cindy with a check to help further this great initiative for the city of Yorba Linda!
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Presentation - Adonai Sports Academy

Vasanth and Selvina James came to the Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary club to speak on their non-profit organization Adonai Sports Academy.
Their mission is to help children of underprivileged and poorer sections of a community globally to reach their highest potential in sports and athletics by encouraging them and providing them with coaching camps and tournaments. The children are also given nutritious food, sports jerseys, shoes, socks and other sports necessities.
In holding sports camps and tournaments, it encourage the community to come together and participate and work towards a higher goal.
President Elect, Cindy Freeman, presented Adonai Sports Academy with a check from the club to donate to their wonderful cause!
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7th Annual Rotary Housebuild with Bathroom and Septic System

Saturday, February 15, 2020 was made special by a group of 100 Rotarians, in partnership with Corazon, who chose to put their busy lives on hold for one day in order to improve the lives of people they had never met in dramatic and life altering ways. Improvements in their living conditions, their health, their self esteem and their security. Improvements that will have positive effects immediately and for generations yet to come. 
The Rotarians who participated in the 7th Annual Rotary Housebuild with Bathroom and Septic System did something all too rare in the world at large. They gave their sweat, time and treasure in a selfless act that held no promise of return other than helping other fellow human beings who are in great need.
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