Mar 31, 2023 7:00 AM
Linda C Domis
Table for One

Linda C Domis experiences every emotion imaginable in her own journey through grief.  After suddenly losing her husband and business partner of 40+ years, she wished desperately for some kind of guide for people like her, that was real and useful.

She wrote Table For One to be that guide for others. While no one is immune from the emotional trauma of death, knowing what to expect in real relatable terms can give hope that there is a good and fulfilling life after loss. 


About Table for One:

No One really knows how you feel….

Grief is traumatic and it doesn’t matter if its sudden, or expected the idea that you will make it through seems overwhelming. Having a guide to prepare yourself for what to expect is critical to not only understand your grief but handle it in a way that allows you to move forward.

Table for One is that guide. Linda C. Domis uses her personal experience of suddenly losing her husband, Tim, as an example of the unexpected ways grief can, and will, alter your life.

Knowing what to expect is just half the battle as Linda shows how to go from despair to a happy fulfilled life again. She honestly confronts the possible pitfalls and reassures you that these out-of-control emotions are normal. While the growth required to recreate a life after grief is difficult, this book offers proof that you will not only survive, but can learn to thrive and bring joy back into your life.